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CTF Simulation Web App

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This Web app provides an interactive online simulation of the contrast transfer function (CTF) of transmission electron microscopes. Click one of the links above to explore the CTF function!


CTF Tutorial: These features are also demonstrated in this CTF Tutorial

Open Source/Development: The source code and all revisions are available on GitHub

You can also embed the Web app into your own Website using an iframe, for example using the following code:

<iframe src="https://ctfsimulation.streamlit.app/?embedded=true" style='width: 1000px; height: 900px; overflow: visible; margin: 0px; resize: both; border-style:none;'></iframe>

The Web app was developed originally using Java Applet and reported in this paper:

Jiang, W., & Chiu, W. (2001). Web-based Simulation for Contrast Transfer Function and Envelope Functions. Microscopy and Microanalysis. 7(4), 329–334

The original Java-based Web app is now obsolete due to the removal of Java support by current Web browsers. The new Web app is a rewrite with numerous enhancements. If you have found it useful for your research/teaching/learning, please consider citing the 2001 paper.