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Our research involves the development of computer programs that are used in all stages of cryo-EM image processing and 3-D reconstruction—from movie alignment to particle polishing and reconstruction refinements. The following programs are distributed for free academic use.


virtual reality-augmented hands-on cryo-EM training


A cryo-ET 3D reconstruction method that effectively minimizes missing wedge artifacts and restores missing information. Publication|Software


software for single particle cryo-EM image processing and 3-D reconstruction. It is built on top of EMAN and EMAN2Publication|Software


real-time detection and single-pass minimization of TEM objective lens astigmatism. Publication|Software


Elliptic distortion estimation and correction

determine the distortion parameters directly from particle images as part of 2-D alignment without the need of pre-calibration of the microscope. Publication|Available in jspr

Improved 3-D reconstructions of T4 phage after correction of elliptic distortion

CTF Simulation Web App

Host 1 | Host 2

You can also embed the Web app into your own Website using an iframe, for example using the following code

<iframe src="https://share.streamlit.io/wjiang/ctf-simulation?embed=true" style='width: 100%; height: 740px; overflow: visible; margin: 0px; resize: both; border-style:none;'></iframe>

Protein-Ligand Binding Web App

The fraction of protein with ligand-bound is the function of protein concentration, ligand concentration, and binding affinity (Kd), not just the molar ratio between the protein and ligand. This Web app will help you better understand the relationship between these 4 variables.

Host 1 | Host 2 

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